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Welcome to We Cantrip - A D&D Podcast, available NOW on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play!

Sep 3, 2020

Covid sucks. But here's an episode as we continue to push through the best we can. Join the party as they commune with fey spirits! 

Aug 4, 2020

We're here and still kicking, the RONA won't stop us from recording! Thank you everyone for sticking around! Join the party as they met Kamron's new temporary character and figure out how to take care of this Fey issue!

Jun 25, 2020

Our heroes travel with Ivan to the city of the Feywild Resistance. Who is in charge of the famorian attack? And who has the flintlock of Fey?

May 31, 2020

The party has made it into the feywild, however Tak is nowhere to be found. Gideon and Pate meet a new friend, and begin their search for the Flintlock of Fey.

May 14, 2020

To the Feywild our heroes go, but not until they defeat a possessed Yen-So...